An Edited Life: Simple Steps to Streamlining your Life, at Work and at Home


Declutter every aspect of your life – from your wardrobe to your phone

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Declutter every aspect of your life – from your wardrobe, exercise schedule and food budget to your phone, bookshelves and beauty regime – with this realistic guide to getting neat and keeping things that way.

Anna Newton is just trying to balance work, her friends, her family, her husband Mark, a growing handbag habit and a love for takeaway pizza. Over the past 8 years of running the blog and corresponding YouTube Chanel ‘The Anna Edit’, she’s grown a loyal viewership who tune in for her weekly videos on everything from house renovations to the best summer foundation.

Anna is a typical Virgo – she loves being organised. She’s Marie Kondo’d her house, nearly throwing away her TV remote in the process. She’s waved goodbye to her things with Fumio Sasaki. She’s minimized and bullet-journalled her schedules down to the finest detail. Along the way, she’s realised something key: there’s no one prescription for an organized life, a tidy home and calm mind. Instead, it’s all about editing.

Learn how to edit your home, calendar, exercise regime, social life, me-time, wardrobe, household budget, digital detox, beauty routine and office space.  It’s about how to utilise your time and spend more of it doing what makes you happy.

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