Kew Gardener’s Guide to Growing House Plants: The art and science to grow your o


Kew Growing House Plants is an illustrated guide to the most trendy and popular indoor plants with advice on choosing, growing, styling, projects and propagation. 

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From the Kew Experts series, this book is perfect book for the house plant gardener, filled with invaluable tips, tricks and handy advice to help your plants thrive! 

Are your house plants forlorn? Do they need more knowledgeable attention? With the help of experts from the Royal Botanical Gardens, Kew, discover which plants are delicate and which indestructible, whether these are cacti, succulents, air plants or those famous for their flowers, foliage, fragrance and even air freshening powers.

Learn how to nurture your house plants and cultivate an oasis of calm using the advice and projects in this pretty guide to 70 of the best. Here you’ll find plants for all tastes, all rooms, cold and warm temperatures, all light levels and every skill set. Find the right home for your plants and the right plants for your home.

This beautifully illustrated guide mixes exquisite botanical prints with 12 step-by-step photographed projects that show how to create and display the trendiest and lushest arrangements today. Author Kay Maguire goes back to the basics of choosing, potting, feeding and care, then looks further at pruning and propagating in order to make more plants.

This is the perfect book for new or experienced stay-at-home gardeners wanting to improve their outlook, freshen their air and cultivate a little bit of calm.

This book is from the Kew Experts series, in which the top gardeners and botanical scientists from the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew offer up advice and information as well as suggesting handy projects on a range of gardening topics. Other titles include: Companion to Medicinal Plants, Guide to Growing Bulbs, Guide to Growing Fruit, Guide to Growing Orchids, Guide to Growing Roses, Guide to Growing Succulents and Cacti, Guide to Growing Trees, Guide to Growing Herbs and Guide to Growing Vegetables.

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